Demystifying Meditation

“As far as ‘careers’ go, I guess ‘Jack (or Jill!) of all trades’ would suit pretty well! From a PE teacher turned sleepwear designer to now foodie and cookbook author, it’s safe to say that the entrepreneurial flame within me is still burning as bright as ever. Throw into the mix essential oil workshops and speaking gigs at schools around SE Queensland, no two days ever look alike! But all of my work and the experience I have had has led me to believe whole heartedly in the following concept – ‘self-care is not indulgent, it’s a necessity’. Taking time out for ourselves is not a luxury and doesn’t have to be a big, grandiose act. Small, consistent daily practices is all that it takes and that’s what I am really passionate about sharing”.


Wellness Session: Demystifying Meditation – it’s not all ‘hippie’ talk

  • Breaking down meditation and removing the spirituality aspect
  • Teaching participants exactly how to get some head space and activities they can implement in their own everyday lives


Optional Lifestyle Session: Everyday Living with Essential Oils

Learn how to:

  • Cook with essential oils (treats included)
  • Which oils can help reduce the toxic load in their homes
  • How essential oils can help to relieve stress, clear the mind, foster creativity, improve focus and uplift moods.


Click here to try out one of Nicole’s delicious recipes today!

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